Why didn’t bin Laden face trial? Democracy’s burden!

19 Sep

Congratulations, and kudos to the Obama Administration for the removal of Osama bin Laden from the ranks of the living, a job well done!

Not questioning the wisdom behind the decision to assassinate Osama bin Laden, on must wonder if tha action was done in a manner consistent with the democratic process?

Democracy is a beautiful form of government, yet costly burdens come with the system. One of democracy’s conditions is that it offers equal justice to all people, regardless of cost, or other difficulties that it may impose. Why did that concept not apply to Osama bin Laden?

“No Easy Day,” a book highly criticized for revealing internal information about SEAL’s operations, and because it represent “greed” by the author, was never questioned about accuracy of its content. Because of that fact, one must assume that operational details described in the book are fundamentally correct.

Based on the book, and other information, Osama bin Laden did not offer armed resistance when he was found. He was there, unarmed, an easy subject for capture, why then was he killed?

A trial for bin Laden would have been a very expensive and cumbersome event for the United States Government. If trial were to take place, would it have taken place in Guantanamo? Another trial in Guantanamo would have been very controversial and extremely difficult. Holding a trial in some other place in the United States would be putting a community in serious danger.

An Osama bin Laden trial would have revealed many US weaknesses, and blunders of its Government, a trial would be embarrassing, to say the least. That notwithstanding, justice is a cornerstone of democracy it is part of the burden associated with the system. Another potential issue that might have entered into the decision to avoid trial may be that of jurisdiction. Was the Obama Administration concerned that other nations would demand rights t try the man, causing a potential international conflict.

The question: Were the SEALs given orders to kill bin Laden in order to simplify “the process”? Or, were there other reasons for killing rather than capturing bin Laden?

Democracy is a difficult system; it is a system of laws, a system that is designed to protect all people under its jurisdiction; why wasn’t bin Laden offered the opportunity to have a trial? Did the Obama Administration take the easy way out? Or, were there operational constraint that justified killing “the world most wanted terrorists?”

The American people, and the whole world is entitled to an explanation by the American Government about the reasons for killing bin, rather than his capturing bin Laden.

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