Islamic Rage; Obama’s, not a movie creation!

14 Sep

 Islamic Rage; Obama’s, not a movie creation!

Barak Hussein Obama, a man born to a Muslim father, and a Christian mother is a practicing Christian by his own testimony. By Islamic law, however, Barak Hussein Obama  by virtue of being born to a Muslim father, is himself a Muslim in perpetuity. There are no provisions within Islam to remove one’s self, or to convert to another belief, as a matter of fact such action is subject to severe punishment, often to death.

Notwithstanding the fact that in the eyes of Islam Barak Hussein Obama is a Muslim, let us labor under the assumption, that as the American President claims, the man is a Christian. As a Christian, however, the American President seem to exhibit numerous traits of a Muslim man, clearly sympathies to, and fear of, Islam. Are his action, and is his behavior the result of spending his formative years in an Islamic environment? Or, in spite of a short-lived relationship, and the fact that his father was not an orthodox Muslim, did his father instill in the Young Obama Islamic instincts, feelings, and other traits?

Obama’s Democratic Party in its 2012 convention dropped the name of G-d from its platform. Dropping the name of G-d is one thing, but how can President Obama, who professes that he is a Christian (in a his defense of the fact that he is not a Muslim in spite of his Islamic birth,) allows the name of G-d be removed from the Democratic platform? This is particularly disturbing because G-d’s name was in the 2008 platform, and then deliberately removed in 2012, why?
More disturbing, and another action that points to Barak Hussein Obama’s Islamic leaning has to do with the dropping Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and the fact that Hamas is a terrorist organization, from the platform. The removal of Jerusalem is tantamount to an anti-Semitic posture, since to the Jewish people Jerusalem is, always was, and is in perpetuity, their capital.
Throughout the Diaspora, the Jewish people use studies of scriptures, and Jerusalem, as the glue that kept Judaism alive. There were, and are, Jews living in Jerusalem for over three thousand years. All major Jewish prayers throughout over three thousand years include the saying:
And (paraphrased): If I forget you Jerusalem, may I forget my right (arm)!
The removal of Jerusalem from the Democratic platform, the foundation on which Judaism stands, be it implied, or meant, suggest that the Democratic Party under Barak Hussein Obama is willing to dismantle Judaism; what a low blow.

Following the Democratic convention, the US President refused to meet with Israel Prime Minister when the latter was to be in the country for a United Nations presentation. The snub by Obama was another indication of the American unsympathetic feeling to America’s only ally in the Middle East, Israel.

In addition to being harsh on Israel, Barak Hussein Obama is totally incapable in dealing with the Islamic World. Even since Obama;s infamous speech to The Islamic World in Cairo the Young President has been trying to get accepted by Islam, but instead is being mocked by most Muslim leaders. Attempts to deal withy Iran, all failed, and Obama made a mess of North African, and Middle Eastern Islamic nations.

President Obama, and Secretary Clinton completely misinterpreted the “Arab Springs” uprising, they thought it was a move towards democracy, when in reality it was towards enhancing, and establishing Sharia law which is totally anti infidels such as Christian and Jews. In his naiveté, Barak Hussein Obama helped “lead from behind” activities that followed the “Arab Springs” action. In his zeal. President Obama was able to trigger an unrest in that region of the worlds that will cost the United States dearly. Not only will these Obama caused uprising increase gas prices in the United States, they will again bring about United States participation in unwanted conflicts. Barak Hussein Obama is a smart, charismatic orator who is a poor communicator and leader, and who is clearly over his head as an American President.

insanity is when one fails with a given action and then tries to try the same action again, but expect different results. Barak Hussein Obama failed miserably as a President during his first term. Barak Hussein Obama proposes to continue on the same course of action should he be elected to a second term. By definition, electing Obama to a second term would be an act of: INSANITY. Time for Barak Hussein Obama to be replaced.

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