“Arab-Springs,” a movement towards Sharia law

13 Sep

The Obama foreign policy team is so inept that it considered the “Arab Spring” and following events as moves towards democracy, while the whole set of events, including Syria now, were a move towards America’s worst enemy, Sharia law.

Instead of supporting a number of what were Islamic autocracies friendly the United States, the United States under Obama’s leadership “lead from behind” a movement that started with the “Arab Springs,” event which was of move towards Sharia controlled quasi-democracies, rather than Western style democracies.

Without malice, Secretary Clinton, the strong women-rights advocate that she is, played a major role in getting Sharia law to spread in the Middle East, and in North Africa by supporting Islamic movements to remove US friendly autocrats, only create women-suppressing quasi-democracies controlled by Sharia law.

Today there is action in Yemen, soon Jordan will erupt, and it has nothing to do with the anti Muhammad movie, it is a move away from the democracy we know, and towards a quasi-democracy under Sharia law.

The Obama Administration backed the wrong horse when Obama did his “lead from behind” stint in Libya, and we are now seeing the fruits of his action. The young American President with his Islamic sympathies turn against his only reliable ally Israel, and opened his arms to the Islamic World which mocks the man, and now the US which he governs.

What a folly the Obama Administration turned out to be; what an inept President we elected in 2008. This indeed is the tome for a change!


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