Quran has no provisions for leaving Islam…

12 Sep

President Obama’s action of recent days suggest that his Islamic roots are controlling much of his actions. The leaving of Jerusalem, and when it was re-introduced, leaving out the Hamas issue, coupled with President Obama’s refusal to see Benyamin Netanyahu, is a clear demonstration of Obama’s rejection of Jews and Israel in favor of Islam appeasement.

Insanity is trying a failing action a second time and expecting different results. Barak Hussein Obama plans to repeat his strategy of his first Administration id re-elected; giving him that chance would be pure Insanity.

In spite for claiming to be a Christian, bu Quranic law, Barak Hussein Obama is a Muslim in perpetuity! Whatever Obama mat be, there is no doubt where his sympathies lie. they are clearly not with the Jewish People, not with Israel.

For any Jew, or Christian who recognize that Judaism is at the root of Christianity, and that the Messiah second coming is contingent on a healthy Israel with Jerusalem its capital, is tantamount to turn one’s back on one’s own people.


One Response to “Quran has no provisions for leaving Islam…”

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