Obama’s forfeiture of the Jewish and sympathisers’ vote!

11 Sep

Obama, Netanyahu, and the Jewish vote: The last straw?

President Obama refusal to see Prime Minister Netanyahu during his visit to the United Nations General Assemble, coupled with the initial Democratic platform that openly snubbed Israel’s interests, may well be the shove that will keep Jews from voting for the Democratic Party, for the first time in a very long time

Barak Obama may not be a Muslim, but Barak Obama was born to a Muslim father, and Barak Hussein Obama spent his formative years in an Islamic environment. Growing among Muslims one may expect, as President Obama seems to display, a strong bond with the Muslim people. In today’s world have Islamic sympathies, however, also suggest a chasm in trust with Israel, and with Jewish people.

Since Obama’s Cairo speech the American President have been demonstrating Islamic sympathies, and Islamic instincts, even though he is a practicing Christian. President Obama does not act like a Christian when dealing with the Jewish people.

Obama’s 2012 Democratic convention which on the first pass deliberately removed the fact that Jerusalem is Israel capital; showed a total disregard for the needs and wishes of the Jewish people. The Democrats took out the statement that was in the 2008 platform. Even though the fact that Jerusalem was put back in the platform, it was done for political reasons, not to comply with Obama’s desires.

The Democratic platform also deliberately omitted statements about Hezbollah, and Hamas being terrorist group, knowing that these are issues important to the State of Israel.

Coupled with the “unsympathetic” statements in the convention is President Barak Hussein Obama’s refusal to receive Benyamin Netanyahu when he comes to the United States to address the United Nations, not the kind of action expected from an American President when it comes to dealing with America’s closest ally, essentially the its only ally, in the Middle East.

Obama, in both words in action recently proved that his sympathies are not with Israel, not with the Jewish people.

Relations between President Obama and Benyamin Netanyahu finally now reached low ebb. It is now in a state that any Jew, and many of the Christians and others who support and sympathize with the Jewish people, who votes for President Obama in November 2012 votes against one’s own people; what a sad state after years of Democratic support for the State of Israel the historical home of all Jewish people.


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