DNC and Jerusalem; a chasm with Israel?

5 Sep

The initial meeting of the 2012 Democratic convention yielded a platform from which those references that appear in the 2008 platform were removed. The deliberate removal of Jerusalem from the platform was a blatant betrayal of the State of Israel, and indeed of the Jewish people.A day after the platform without Jerusalem was adopted, pressures mounted, not just because Jerusalem was removed, but because the name of G-d was also taken out. The pressure d=finally caused the DNC to modify the platform to include both G-d, and Jerusalem. But, as was demonstrated by the initial platform it now appears that perhaps the Democrats are as interested in Israel’s future, as was once believed.

It is likely too late to overcome the chasm created between the Democratic Party, and the Jewish people, and their supporters by removing Jerusalem from the DNC platform. Putting Jerusalem back in the 2012 Democratic platform is tantamount to: “Closing the barn door after the horse got out!” It may be too little too late.

Realizing the fact that Jerusalem is a cornerstone of Judaism, a symbol of unity and hope that has lasted for over three thousand years, and yet removing it from the platform, is at least insensitive of the Jewish people and their state, Israel. Throughout the Diaspora Jews ended most prayer with: “Next year in Jerusalem,” the eternal symbol Jewish viability.
Early on, when President Obama gave his Cairo speech apologizing to the Islamic World for America’s past, one might have sensed that Obama has Islamic sympathies. Since Barak Obama spent his formative years in Islamic environments, it may not be surprising that his sympathies, and many instincts, lean in that direction.

It is fair to question the influences behind removing Jerusalem from the platform; was it the result of President Obama wishes? Or was it due to some innocent oversight?
Since the omission of Jerusalem hits at the heart of Israel, and the deepest feelings of the Jewish people, the simple reinstatement of Jerusalem in the platform is not likely to bring back to the DNC many votes of Jews, or Christians who believe in the Bible.”

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