Success is contagious: Why begrudge Romney’s success?

9 Jul

Success is contagious, why begrudge Romney’s success?

To a recent post I offered on Huffington posts suggesting that should Romney’s Swiss accounts, and other unusual financial activities are done within the law; he should be commended for knowing how to fully utilize the system. I received a response that suggested that Romney did not comprehend the Middle Class, and that Barak Obama’s failures were due to other than himself. I responded to that post, and would like to share that essence response with you:

Supporting my contentions: Mitt Romney does whatever he is hired to do, does it well, and he does it with available resources, and within the law.
On the other hand, Obama is incapable to manage the Government. You blame the GOP, but that is the system, and a President must live with it; Bill Clinton did fine with a much less friendly Congress than Obama has.
You try to find excuses for President Obama’s failures, you do not deny that he failed, and frankly failed miserably!
As to lack of comprehension of Middle Class issues, that is a total myth; Romney, in spite of a Democratic legislator in Massachusetts, did quite well indeed, for the Middle Class.
Do you prefer a failing President, who with Jimmy Carter, and George W. Bush makes up the three worst contemporary US Presidents in United States history; to a person like Romney who carried out his life long assignments successfully?

It is interesting how people on the left begrudge Romney’s success because he is rich, and lives like a rich man, without trying to deny or hide it. It is also interesting to note that when saying that Roosevelt had was a rich man, those on the left jump in and explain that Roosevelt had compassion for the Middle Class, and Romney does not; what that contention is based on, is beyond me, there  is no credible evidence, to date, that suggests that about Romney.


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