Supreme Court: Healthcare defacto tax! Add national debt; and is Obama largest spending President ever?

2 Jul

Court: Healthcare defacto tax, with national debt; is Obama largest spending President ever?

Adding to largest Obama’s national debt, the United States Supreme Courts defines the Obama healthcare [without public option] law as a tax, it may well be one of the largest taxes in US history.

“A rose by any other name is a rose…” When John Roberts, the Chief Justice of the United States calls a spade a spade, it is a spade!  Just as when the Chief Justice says that the fees in the mandates of President  Obama’s healthcare bill are not penalties, but that they are taxes, then they are taxes!

Based on Justice Roberts declaration that the health bill is constitutional because the mandates are taxes, and the constitution authorizes the Administration to tax, but not to force other fees. The Supreme Court decision, in other words, declared the healthcare bill legal, among other things, because it is a tax!

“A tax by any other name is a tax!” It is now fair to say that Obama’s landmark legislation, the healthcare law, is a large, perhaps the largest ever, new tax in United States history. With the largest increase of the national debt to his credit, President Obama may now be also credited by imposing the largest tax ever.

President Obama can now be described as the largest spending President in US history. Obama accomplishments include the fastest growing US national debt, and with the healthcare bill, one of the largest tax increase in United States history.

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