Romney’s Bain and Olympics, positive background:

23 Jun

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Romney Bain experience, a positive! Comparing Bain to Presidency is comparing apples and oranges.

Few question that Mitt Romney made a success of his time at Bain Capital. Romney made a great deal of money for investors in that venture. Romney was hired to maximize profits through any and all LEGAL means at his disposal, and that is what he did!

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President Obama uses the fact that Romney at Bain exported jobs, he c complains that Romney shut un-profitable factories and cost people jobs, but that is what Romney was hired to do, maximize profit.

Should Romney be elected President of the United States, he would be hired for an entirely different reason, his top priority would be to create jobs IN the United States, and with his proven managerial skill, no doubt he will be successful.

Suggesting as President Obama and his fellow Democrats do, that Romney would be bad for the country since he imported jobs overseas, is comparing apples to oranges, he was hired than to maximize his company’s profits using any legal means he could use.

I can completely sympathize with Mitt Romney since in the 1970′s I exported jobs, well before it became a common practice for US companies. When I imported jobs US unemployment was under control, it was a win-win situation, much like in the case of Romney.

Wearing the President hat, I have little or no doubt that Mitt Romney will rise the occasion and create jobs in the United States, and do so at a much more rapid rate that President Obama has been able to do.

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