Bill Clinton: Major Obstruction to Obama’s re-election!

6 Jun

Bill Clinton a major Obstruction to President Obama re-election effort!

Since based on performance of a little over three years, President Obama’s ranking as a President is abysmal. When Obama is in the shadow of President Clinton his stature appears to diminish. Because President Obama’s performance to date puts him together with Jimmy Carter, and George W. Bush, in a select group of the three worst President in US history; when the young President appears next the competent ex-President Clinton, his stature declines!

There are two major issues with President Clinton’s support of President Obama:

The first is, that for all appearances President Clinton does not seem to feel that President Obama is qualified to perform the job of President.

The second, likely totally unintentional, is that whenever President Clinton appears together with President Obama, the older President completely overshadows President Obama. When the two appear together, Obama appears like a child following his mentor, President Clinton.

President Obama, who boasts a terrible record as President, would be best off to keep President Clinton away, since when seen together the public image of an inferior President Obama gets a boost.

Since President positives do not include performance, or the ability to lead, and are limited to charisma and the ability to speak in public, when he is together with the even more charismatic President Clinton, all of Obama’s positives seem to disappear. President Obama and the Democrats would be wise to not use President Clinton together with President Obama in the 2012 Presidential campaign.


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