Rigid-religions, same-sex marriage, and reality. Or, “same-sex” and 2012 US election:

15 May

Mislead Gay Voting? Or, a conflict with rigid-religions?

In a fair world, one with no inequities, Gays would have the same rights as do straights; in the real world, however, primarily due to religions, this is not yet the case.

However, my advice to gays:

When you first wake up in the morning and look at the mirror what do you see? If you see a gay person; you need change your perspective! You are not a gay person, you are first a human being, a person, if you will, an American (or a member of another nation) who happens to be gay. This is not an affliction, but a natural state that is much like numerous others.

The main reason gays in America do not have the right to same-sex marriage has to do with religion, not with the nation civil laws. And, inasmuch as the founders tried to separate church from state, full separation is far from a reality.

One hears a great deal of talk about “radical Islam,” a religion that seeks world domination and does not allow for any civil flexibilities. Let me make one correction: It is not radical that counts, it is RIGID! By its nature Islam, as are Judaism, and Christianity, are radical religions, but through the ages the two older “brothers” of Islam learned that rigdity in a dynamic world does not work, and there became pragmatic, and flexible. 

As  flexible as Judaism and Christianity have become, both are in general against same-sex marriage and have tremendous influence on US law and culture. With religion loosing its grip on the American nation, so will be restrictions to accepting same-sex relationships, but it will still take some time.

It is obvious that gay people do not wish to wait, why should they? After all, we are speaking of rights! They should for the sake of reality, for the sake of being pragmatic. Forcing the issue now ill only muddy the waters and cause additional delays; waiting its turn, and playing the [political] system, will pay dividends.

Since same-sex marriage is one of many pressing issues that the country faces, it would behoove gays to vote for whoever can solve the majority of issues and not let the issue of same-sex marriage clutter their good judgement.

The day for legal same-sex marriage in the United States is on the nation’s agenda, it will soon become the law of the land, even though a few more years may have to pass.

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