US President: Manager to Trump Ideologue!

25 Apr

US President: Manager to Trump Ideologue!

When a country like the United States has a relatively satisfactory form of government, it does not require an ideologue at its helm. The US democracy has proven itself, the founding fathers demonstrated uncanny foresight and gave the nation an outstanding constitution with which to guide the country.

Barak Hussein Obama is an ideologue, but worse than that, President Obama does not even stick with his ideologue making it an obstacle to progress.

Obama, the countries Capitulator in Chief (C.i.C.) gave up on the key element (public option) of his likely unconstitutional healthcare legislation, he capitulated on the Bush tax cut to the rich, the debt ceiling, and the list goes on.

When an ideologue, or a person who represent himself as being one sacrifices key beliefs in favor of expediency, such as President Obama seems to do when political gain appears to be gained, said person’s credibility suffers, and image gets tarnished. Obama’s failures to live up to promises of change and his poor conduct of foreign policy renders the young American President a failure. The Obama/Clinton doctrine in the Middle East, for example proved a total disaster. Participating in the removal of political/military-autocrats from office to only see said regimes replaced by religious-autocracies under Sharia law such as are the cases of Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt, was the unintended, but actual consequence of the doctrine.

In the domestic arena the Obama Administration boasts a failed economic policy with high unemployment and a national debt larger than was accumulated by all previous US Presidents combined. Obama three years in office qualifies him with Jimmy Carter, and George W. Bush, as one of the three worst Presidents in US history.

What the country needs in order to live up to its potential is a good Administrator, and young people are quick to understand that point. The way things go, President Obama may be lucky if he gets a majority of young people votes, or win the 2012 election.


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