Obama’s formative years, the Islamic influences:

30 Mar

Obama’s formative years, the Islamic influences:

The Christian Obama, who, as the name [Hussein] implies, is a man with Islamic roots and instincts:

There is little or no doubt that Barak Hussein Obama is a practicing Christian. That fact notwithstanding, President’s Obama words and action are quite consistent with a person of Islamic background with Islamic instincts, and influences.

Even though Barak Hussein Obama is a practicing, and apparently a devout, Christian, the young American President often displays Muslim traits. President Obama started to openly demonstrate his sympathies with his infamous Cairo speech, a speech during which time he apologized to the Islamic world for America’s historical treatment of Muslims. Many people, generally with good reason, feel that Obama crossed the line by suggesting that the United States was in the habit of taking advantage of Muslims in previous times.

From a pragmatic point of view, those who insist that Barak Hussein Obama is a Muslim are wrong! Technically, however, by strict interpretation of Islamic law, Barak Hussein Obama is Muslin, and shall be so in perpetuity. Even though most claim that his father was only a secular Muslim, or perhaps an atheist, the fact that he came from a Muslim family, and that he named his son, Hussein, one of the most important names in Islam, is quite a clear indication that, at least technically, Barak Obama is a Muslim by virtue of his birthrights.

There is no question that Western nations derived [economic] benefits from dealing with oil producing Muslim nations, but in return, the same nations, particularly the United Kingdom, created sovereign Arab nations with richness beyond compare. Not only did the United Kingdom (UK), mostly under League of Nations auspices, and often without legal authority, create wealthy nations; the UK took uncivilized nomads and made them rich sovereign international powerhouses.

As an ally of the UK, the United States (US) was also responsible of the alignment of Middle East power, and can be held partially responsible for the instability in the region, but inconsistent with President Obama’s apology, the US did exploit the Muslim word, to the contrary, the US helped make the Muslim word into a recognized and influential member of the international community.

Beyond the apology to the Islamic world, Obama’s instincts drove him into helping to create a number of Sharia ruled nations out of old autocracies such as Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt. Additionally, President Obama, in spite of tough talk, is allowing Iran to mock his efforts at diplomacy, and to act in a manner “disputable” with numerous United Nations resolutions.

Obama’s dealings with Israel are cordial, the young US President does not treat Israel badly since he understands the potential political ramifications if he does not support Israel’s defense needs. On the surface Obama is cool, he went as far as to give Benyamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister, the cold shoulder, action that gain him numerous “points” from his oil-producing Muslim friends. Behind the scenes, President Obama did make sure that Israel military supplies were met, he did not only match previous Presidents, he out did all his predecessors.

President Obama probably is even aware of the fact that Islamic associations formed a great deal of his being, and that his instincts are rooted more in Islam than they are in Christianity.

How important is that? One may ask. In most situations the President’s Islamic behavior may not be very consequential in performing his job. In cases, however, when issues are associated with Islam emerge, the American President is more often than not incapable of dealing with then in a disassociated manner, often creating chaotic situations that are not conducive to well managed affairs of state.

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