Why Romney should prevail! In 2012 elections it’s Ability not Personality, Stupid!

3 Mar

Why Romney should prevail:

In the 2012 election it’s Ability not Personality, Stupid!

Even though President George W. Bush was one of the three worst US Presidents in recent history, he was the kind of person who almost everybody would like to join for a beer. Being personable is not qualification for being effective President.

The three worst Presidents, Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, and Barak Obama, were all more personable than is Mitt Romney, but Romney has a proven record of a plotter who understand how to conduct a successful business. Mitt Romney is not as fast on his feet as are Gingrich, Santorum, or even Dr. Paul, but Romney brings management experience to the party that none of the others do. Barak Obama, much like Newt Gingrich is Charismatic, fast on his feet, and smart, but like Gingrich, and Santorum he does not know how to stay on message, or how to manage a business (the country IS a large business.)

Mitt Romney is not the epitome of intelligence, he is not quick on his feet, and perhaps stumbles from time-to-time when he speaks, but he has a good track of a business manager who understand how effectively deal with profit and loss.

This is not to say that Mitt Romney would be the best President that could be produced in the United States, but it is to say that of all five potential candidates: Paul, Gingrich, Santorum, Obama, and Romney, Mitt Romney is likely to make the most effective President.

Let me the first to admit that there might others in the United States who could be better candidates than is Mitt Romney. Michael Bloomberg is an example of someone who could probably make as, or more effective President than Mitt Romney. There are, of course, many others potential candidates, but since of the five vying for the position of President Mitt Romney, in spite of not oozing charisma, is by for the most qualified person to become US President.

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