Obama’s new crutch, “no silver bullet,” is it racist? A weak energy speech!

24 Feb

Obama’s new crutch, “no silver bullet,” is it racist?

Choosing, as President Obama did, the term “no silver bullet,” as a reference to no easy solution, was not only “dated,” but coming from a long defunct television show, the Lone Ranger, ill-advised. The Lone Ranger, was a fine old Western, however, it depicted the hero’s Indian sidekick, Tonto, as an inferior stereotype of American Indians. The choice of silver-bullet, which the President repeated several times during his speech about gasoline, and energy, can not only view as racist, it is so outdated, that many, many young people would not know the source of the term.

The Lone Ranger used silver bullets in his six-shooter to perform all kind of heroic deeds, it is sad that President Obama has no such bullets in his arsenal.

Another issue from the energy speech has to do with the fact that no mention was made of Keystone, a major energy issue, if there ever was one! When discussing issues President Obama needs to learn that he must always deal with those items with which he is uncomfortable.

The President’s gasoline speech was at best weak, at worst inappropriate after just rejecting, or postponing the Keystone project. The President offered no short-term solutions, spoke of future work, and was generally disappointing.

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