Stake in ground for 2012 US/Israel Iran action! Only Iran capitulation can stop it.

11 Feb

US/Israel, inevitable 2012 Iran action; preparing the “bunker-busters!” The stake is in the ground, and only Iran can stop it now.

Military’s request for funds to ready twenty of its “bunker-busting,” bombs, some for its own supply, some to upgrade those in the hands of the Israelis is an early signal of inevitable action against Iran’s nuclear facilities. Since the critical Iranian facilities are deep underground, the bunker-busters will be a weapon of choice, perhaps accompanied by a number of tactical nukes from both the US and Israeli arsenals.

US and Israeli strategies are likely to include missiles from the Persian Gulf, air from US bases in Gulf States, and likely flight from Israel over Jordanian and Saudi air space. Even if the United States may play a support role because of political issues in an election year, its initial request for $91,000,000.00 for bunker-buster preparation, is but a first step in inclusion of the Congress in action that will likely take place before the 2012 election. The inevitable action is at a stage now that only action by Iran can stop its inevitability, and Iran will have to open up all its facilities, stop its enrichment program, and allow for permanent inspectors in all its facilities.

Since the US left Iraq, and Israel will not have that airspace available as a route to Iran, and as Egypt’s new rulers will not likely let Israel use the Suez, as did Mubarak, the US role in a mission to destroy Iran’s nuclear capabilities has been expended, including the use of UA resources now in the Gulf.

Count on the 2012 US election to shift emphasis from the economy and social issues, and to energy from the Gulf States, and the inevitable action against Iran.


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