Syria important link to MidEast peace; why is US on sidelines?

4 Feb

Recently, the United States and its allies supported revolts in Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt; all three are in the process to adopt Sharia law, and distant themselves from the West. From the “free world,” if you will. Some short-term results of these actions include riots in Egypt, and the likelihood that it would terminate its peace agreement with Israel, while essentially turn it back on the United States. Egypt is not the Egypt of old with ancestors who contributed a great deal to world culture; Egypt is an Arab country with nomads’ roots.

Libya and Tunisia are tribal countries, backwards and ready to adopt strong Sharia law, and an environment similar to what the Taliban had…

On the other hand, Syria, a country who contributed a great deal to world civilization, is allowed, “to burn” by a ruthless dictator, the son of another dictator. Syria with a significant intelligentsia, and impressive history could become the key to unlocking the door to Middle East peace.

Neither the Chinese, nor the Russians are concerned about civility, or civil rights, in the case of Syria both countries are interested in economic gains. The United States tried to pass a Security Council Resolution to curb Assad, to only be confronted by vetoes from the Russia, and Chinese. Even though the United States is not the world policeman, nor the guardian of freedom, as the only “super power” and a Judeo/Christian country with moral obligation to all people, getting involved in Syria may be inevitable.

Supporting Syria’s move towards freedom and democracy should not be viewed as an option; it should be accepted as an obligation, and take place without much additional delay. Among other things, a democratic Syria is likely to be the foundation of MidEast civility.

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