Gingrich ethics violations: His words don’t count!

22 Jan

Gingrich ethics violations: His words don’t count!

His income and source of most of his income suggest that the ex-Speaker is a lobbyist; no historian, who he claims to be would be paid millions from an entity involved in real estate. Mr. Gingrich often speaks words that do not seem to be consistent with facts. The issue of his ethics violations is a case in point. I heard some of the ex-Speaker classes; his claim that they were non-partisan is clearly false; the IRS should have classified them as political, and treated in that manner.

Words from the ex-Speaker about his ethics violations are not going to clean the slate! Unless Mr. Gingrich’s words are accompanied with a release of all formal documentation associated with the hearings, and a formal release of those involved in the investigation of their confidentiality obligations, the ex-Speaker will, as he should, remain guilty in the eyes of the public. Mr. Gingrich, a very ambitious man, would not have resigned his seat in the House of Representatives if there were no fire behind the ethics violations smoke.

The only way Mr. Gingrich can clean the slate is by allowing Pelosi, and all other involved in the investigation to speak about it without violation any confidentiality obligations, while at the same time release all formal documents related to that investigation. Where there is smoke there is fire!

Mr. Gingrich would not have resigned his position in the House if he did not do anything wrong! If the ex-Speaker wishes to be elected to the highest office in the land, the least he can do is come clean and allow the public to know who he really is!

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