Evangelism and Gingrich: An Oxymoron!

21 Jan

Evangelism and Gingrich, an Oxymoron!

If there ever was a mismatch between behavior and belief, the United States’ ex-Speaker of the House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich, is a great example of such situation.

If, as the pundits predict, Mr. Gingrich does well with the evangelistic people of South Carolina, one could easily lose respect for those who put, what they must perceive to be expedience, ahead of religious conviction.

Ex-Speaker Gingrich converted to Catholicism after his two major infidelities, and he asked forgiveness, he repented…But, after two failed marriages, and being found guilty of ethics violation at the House of Representatives, does it appear as if the Speaker’s character make him suitable for the highest office of the United States?

Ex-Speaker Gingrich is a smart person, but the man is clearly an opportunist who puts his own personal interests at the forefront of everything in his life; is that the kind of man the United States wants to be its President? I think not!

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