Palin with Gingrich: 2012 GOP ticket?

13 Jan

In preparation, Sarah Palin will declare that the GOP candidates debate was a demonstration that a qualified Republican is still to be found.

Just think 2012 GOP nominees:

 Palin with Gingrich

With help from ex-Speaker Gingrich all present potential nominees will continue to destroy each other! The quitter-Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin,  is waiting in the wings, not exposing herself to debates. When the present potential candidates demolish each other, the lady from Alaska will offer to sacrifice herself for the nation.

When the time comes the quitter-Governor will likely get a divine message to offer herself to the nation, she will capitulate and agree to be the Republican Presidential nominee.

As to Gingrich, Todd Palin, or “the first dude,” as MS Palin calls her husband, already more-or-less offered Gingrich the opportunity to be the running mate, by “endorsing” the ex-Speaker.



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