Capitalism versus Gingrich, Perry, et al; is it hurting the GOP?

11 Jan

Newt Gingrich who claims to be a historian (a PhD dissertation about Belgian education policies in the Congo, or such “relevant” subject…) yet seems to have no clue to: What is Capitalism? Rick Perry, who governs a state with economy based on Capitalism, seems to not understand that some of the building blocks of the system are provided by VC’s, many of them in his state of Texas.

Since Venture Capital (VC) is an important fuel in the engine of Capitalism, a generally efficient fuel that have driven the booming United States economy starting in the early 1950’s, (and is still going strong,) politicians, just to suit their personal objectives, should not dismiss its value.

The fact that in the last fifty year (or a little more,) glitches appeared in the economy, has little to do with VC’s, but rather much to do with traditional and very greedy banking institutions, and gluttonous politicians. For Rick Perry to refer Venture Capital, as “vulture capital” is another demonstration of the man’s lack of knowledge and common sense.

Microsoft, Apple Computers, Staples (a “product” of Bain,) HP (made up of a number of VC products such as DEC,) are but a few example of VC’s contribution to America’s economy. For Gingrich and Perry to dismiss the value of Venture Capital and relegate it to an “anti-society,” element, is ignorant and actually stupid; it is contrary to the foundation of their party, the Republican Party!

This blog was not designed to support Mitt Romney, even though he does deserve credit for his work at Bain, the Olympics, and Massachusetts, but it was rather designed to suggest that by attacking the principles of their own party, candidates are giving ammunition to the opposition to use during the coming general election. Ex-Speaker Gingrich, the historian, should know better; Governor Perry may be simply too ignorant and unaware of the damage he is causing his own party. All that notwithstanding, it is time for Republicans to understand the foundation of their own party and protect it from the onslaught that will start in a few months during the general election.


One Response to “Capitalism versus Gingrich, Perry, et al; is it hurting the GOP?”

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