Iran: Beneficiary of US [complete] Iraq withdrawal; towards domination of Islam!

28 Dec

 Iran beneficiary of US [complete] Iraq withdrawal; towards domination of Islam:

The United States leaving Iraq in control of Shiites who are close to Ahmadinejad and his Ayatollahs, was a 2011 Christmas present that will may make up for the likely loss of Syria, the only Arab, excepting the Hamas controlled Gaza strip, client state.

The loss of Syria, Iran’s conduit to Hezbollah, and Hamas, in large part can, and likely be made up by gaining a foothold, and some level of control of Iraq. Iran, in its move towards domination of the Arab world is a beneficiary whenever a political, vacuum is left, as it is in Iraq. The US complete withdrawal will serve Iran well.

Early destabilization of Iraq’s government is order to eliminate non-Shiites from the government is likely to be the first step. Soon afterwards one can count on having an Ayatollah appointed for Iraq, beyond that one should anticipate that Iraq would be a full-fledged client state of Iran.

Unless Iran is relieved of its nuclear development process, by Western states, Israel, or the United States, one will likely witness a major development of history, and step towards Iran’s domination of much of Islam, but in a very unstable manner that will render the Middle East unsafe for many years to come.

Consistent with US inept foreign policy the early and complete withdrawal from Iraq was a mistake of history, a mistake that make come back to haunt the United States, unless by a flux of luck, Iran blows, and its Islamic regime is removed by a democratic government.

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  1. Adell Hamler January 9, 2012 at 7:46 am #

    I like this weblog so much, bookmarked. “Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be.” by Peter De Vries.

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