President Obama: America’s [dis]Honest Broker, twisting facts?

22 Dec

President Obama brought to the stage a number of citizens in order to support his view that two months tax cut extension is what is wanted, and needed.

Omaha made two glaring errors. When speaking of $1,000.00 savings per year, or $40.00 per paycheck, implication $40.00 per week, when in reality the $40.00 would be per two weeks!

Obama second error was to read what people said the $40.00 would mean. One person said that he would not be able to take his daughter out to pizza; so what? Buy store pizza and enjoy your daughter at home.  Another response included charities; how essential is that in one’s day-to-day living?

Since the one-year extension was what Obama wants, but is willing to give up so that he can go on vacation, the man is violating his trust. Why not send negotiator as Boehner requested and agree to the one-year option. Should the President agree to such negotiation he can bring back the surtax on millionaires, and do so as an up and down option while using other items, such as the Keystone pipeline, as options for sweetening the deal.

2 Responses to “President Obama: America’s [dis]Honest Broker, twisting facts?”

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