Two-months tax-cut irresponsible! One-year tax-cut offer GOP cannot reject.

20 Dec

Two-months tax-cut  irresponsible!

I seldom agree with Speaker Boehner, but when he is right, he is right. Extending the “tax-cut for the middle class,” for two months will simply postpone the inevitable. If he is successful in rejecting the agreement as passed by the Senate, let us hope that President Obama take the opportunity to pass rational  legislation.

A delay so close to the end of the year could make Obama into a leader. What Obama could do:

Agree to one year agreement.

Insist on surtax on millionaires.

Agree to approve, not just set a date for the Keystone pipeline.

The President can get such package passed by the Senate ASAP, and explain to the House that he sign such package, no changes before year-end to give the middle class it tax-cut; a one time offer, the House will not ne able to pass such deal.

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