Palin: GOP’s Divine candidate!

8 Dec

Why is anybody still listening to the “quitter-ex-Governor” of Alaska? Why does anybody want her opinion regarding the Trump debates? From what I observed to date, Sarah Palin is in favor of the Trump debate, as she is of other debates, because she believes that the other candidates will continue to make fool out themselves.

When the Republication Convention draws nearer, it will give Palin an opening to “sacrifice” herself for party and nation, by proclaiming that she received a Divine message instructing her to go to the Convention and become the GOP candidate through proclamation. Palin will circumvent the debate (an area in which she does not excel,) and will inform the Republican Convention that she is there via Divine instruction that she must come forward to save the party and the nation from all the incompetent potential candidates, of course save the nation from the “Satanic” Obama.


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