Gingrich v. Beck: Regulations, what’s needed, what’s too much?

6 Dec

Beck and Gingrich, what a pair! They spoke, but did not make Gingrich any better understood than he ever was. While trying to understand the Gingrich views regarding government regulations, Beck was only able to ascertain that the ex-Speaker accepts the fact that SOME regulations are needed!

Gingrich and Beck are people who seem to make up facts ad they go along, facts to support their respective points of view. Neither man often, or ever, likes to admit that he is wrong. Gingrich often justify to opposing points of view that he may holds, not a trait that is compatible with someone who aspires to hold the highest office in the land.

Some of the issues these two highly dogmatic people discussed are important, especially if Gingrich becomes the GOP candidate, and then, God forbid, President.

Beck, in many way like the conservatives’ icon, Rush Limbaugh, often says things off the wall in order to solicit audience reaction, but, at times, their off the wall statements actually represent what they mean. Beck was baiting Gingrich regarding government regulations. GOP candidates keep speaking of less government, and less regulation, but who is to determine how much regulation is “acceptable?” To determine what is too much, and was is too little?

To remain on the same page as today political debate, one must resort to mentioning labels. Pure Capitalism, for example, suggest very little, if any, regulations, it lets the public care for itself, each individual to his, or hers, own devices. Pure Socialism suggests that almost everything is regulated by government, at its extreme position, impossibility.

Freedom at the extreme is no more possible than is total government control. Within Capitalism, as Gingrich pointed out, you cannot allow to have a person shoved into a sausage grinder, nor, as the old adage goes: To ‘shout fire in a crowded theater.’ Under socialism, as much as it may try, government can only do a limited amount for the people. Government cannot do many individual chores that a person must do. Government cannot think for a person, or to perform essential functions such as eating and sleeping.

To sum up: Pure Capitalism would lead to chaos, while pure Socialism, to anarchy!

Practically, human society can only function as a hybrid* between Socialism (i.e. the US Social Security,) and Capitalism (“Free market economy.”) All that United States political parties can do is determined the amount of either system can, or should be, applied in Government. Gingrich and Beck did not deal with this subject; an important issue that does require attention!

* A few experiments in “Socialism,” such as the Israeli Kibbutz, and some religious community were able to live under modified socialism, but in relatively small scale. There is no true case of pure Capitalism, except that some “sub-systems,” again, small in size, may exist.


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