Egypt’s election, resurgence in Nuevo Mid East Islamization:

4 Dec

Islamic Brotherhood wins Egypt after vowing to destroy all Jews, or: From civil to religious autocracy.

Egypt’s election, resurgence in Nuevo Mid East Islamization:

Egypt’s new ruling party, the Islamic Brotherhood, recently vowed to destroy all Jews, while rioting against Christians in their country. The Islamic Brotherhood will form a state ruled under Sharia law, a country which is not likely to make life particularly pleasant for minorities, and for [modern] women.

Since the new rules do not view Jews in a favorable light, how will the country deal with its neighbor, since its neighbor, Israel, is a Jewish State? Will the new Egypt honor its peace treaty with Israel?

In addition to promising to retard Egypt’s advances toward a civilized society that Mubarak caused, the new Egypt, under Sharia law, is likely to create an exodus of Christians, many the millions who now reside in Egypt would be forced to the peaceful life under Mubarak, and find countries that will be willing to take them in.

Even though the Islamic Brotherhood suggest that it may allow for a less than strict adherence to Sharia law, the law is so encompassing, it is actually a ‘way of life,’ and not leave many personal liberties, or allow advances in equality for women.

Much like in the case of Libya, a terrible dictator in Egypt will likely be replaced by a regime that offers less freedom for its people, a regime that will be harsh on minorities, and on women; is that what the Western World supported? In seeking to advance democracy in the world, particularly in the Middle East, the West under the leadership of the United States, might have miscalculated the depth into the culture of the autocracies that they wanted to remove, Islamic teaching reached.

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