Iran Nukes for Islamic domination, not Israeli destruction…

19 Nov

Ehud Barak told Charlie Rose that Iran’s nukes are not designed to be used against Israel. Even though Barak, the highly decorated ex-military hero is not known for his cerebral power, and often makes [planned] gaffs, his statement about Iran Nukes is on target.

There are many reasons for Iran not to use Nukes on Israel, let me briefly mention two of those reasons:

1) Nuking Israel will bring with it a retaliatory Israeli nuclear strike that will inviolate the Islamic Republic of Iran. Iran’s leadership is that of survivors and will not risk the suicidal move that an attack to Israel will surely be.

2) Iran’s government has very little to offer the population in order to keep it from revolting. The economy is in shambles, and the tight Islamic restrictive control, is not to the liking of most Iranians. The Islamic regime has little, beside force to keep a revolt from happening. The most powerful incentive the Iranians have is Israel, and its friend, The United States as rallying target for the nation. Hatred of Israel is a key element in keeping Iran from exploding from within. Without Israel, the Iranian government will be short lived. Most Iranians tested European style freedom and will not tolerate Islamic rule if not for the common goal of destroying Israel; if the goal is removed, so will be the Iranian Ayatollah control, Iran will therefore not Nuke Israel and cut its nose to spit its face.

The existence of Israel is a very important for the Iranian Islamic Republic; without Israel Iran will likely remove the religious rule and become just another modern Middle East secular country.

The reason Iran wants Nukes is as part of dominating the Islamic World. In spite of wishing for such domination Iran realizes that being a Shiite nation in the midst of Sunni nation will require an ability to “recruit” other Islamic countries as its clients, if you will. Since Iranians are Aryans and therefore have an other major conflict with most regional Muslims who are Arabs, its nuclear posture will be designed as the big stick to convince the Islamic World that it should be allowed to be the dominate force behind the religion.

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