How many more debates before Palin “gets the calling?”

15 Nov

Present candidates are destroying each other in their “less than inspiring” debates, while the quitter, ex-Governor Palin of Alaska is simply enlarging the size of her “war chest,” as well as her personal fortune.  Sarah Palin can count, even at this early stage, of the present candidates, not many remain standing.

So far, Bachmann destroyed herself simply because she is neither ready, nor able to participate in top level national politics; Santourm who was defeated in his last bid to be re-elected in Pennsylvania, who is not well enough funded, and, perhaps unwittingly, pushes his Catholicism too hard; Ron Paul who is a Libertarian, not something the GOP can accept as its representative; Cain and Gingrich with women problems that will bring their individual morality to question, at least in a case of the religious right part of the GOP; Texas Governor Perry who started his campaign like a house on fire, but made too many blunders since the beginning to remain a viable candidate;  and finally, Mitt Romney, the leader who is stuck in one place, and who is not conservative enough to satisfy the conservative element of the GOP, including he Tea Party.

Sarah Palin is waiting on the sideline observing the other candidates eliminate one another, and, when it gets closer to the actual selection of a candidate, will likely get a calling for God who will ask her to fill the void and go after the Republican nomination.

Sarah Palin has two options. The Alaska ex-Governor can either enter the debates when most of her opponents are discredited, or wait to be drafted at the convention.

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