Sarkozy and Ahmadinejad: Caricatures of Napoleonic Jews? Or, are they Jews anti-Isreal?

9 Nov


Sarkozy and Ahmadinejad: caricatures of Napoleonic Jews?

Sarkozy’s open mic fiasco was not a-typical of Jews in high places who have anti-Semitic tendencies. Suggesting that Netanyahu is a liar, and stating to another leader that “he can’t stand the man,” is totally out of line and a likely the results of his Jewish roots.

Like Ahmadinejad, Sarkozy a little man boasting a distinct Jewish look, and “little man,” or “Napoleonic” complex of trying to be domineering, generally with some level of success.

Sarkozy’s looks were another issue during meetings with Obama. The first such issue came when Obama tried to compliment his French counterpart by saying that it would be best if the Sarkozy’s new daughter was to look like her [super-model] mother, not like her [impish] looking father. Since Sarkozy’s [Jewish] looks are the butt of mush humor in France, the French press and public did not take kindly to Obama’s good-natured remark…

Through history the French had up and downs in relations with Israel, and with Jewish people in general. It is sad to say that under the Jewish Sarkozy, the relations are not as positive as one may wish from them to be. The recent French vote at the United Nations for a Palestinian state, and Sarkozy’s open mic blunder to Obama, are but two examples of French shaky relations with the Jewish state.

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