Limbaugh a hypocrite! Diverting election to race-card politics.

7 Nov

Limbaugh mixing gender and race with election; Limbaugh is the hypocrite, who is trying to divert election politics to race issues.

GOP potential Presidential candidates for the 2012 election include at least two men who seem to consider women rights as an unimportant issue. Since Rush Limbaugh himself has a bad history with women, the loudest voice of the right, that he is, is trying to divert the Cain allegation of women harassment, and make it into a left-wing racial conspiracy.

Gingrich, a known abuser of women, and women rights, with Cain likely abuse of women, the conservative party of morality seems to be represented by many bigots, and men who do not respect women.

Limbaugh and his followers are trying to make the public believe what is happening with women abuse is built up by “the liberal media,” they keep insisting that a white politician in the same kind of a situation would have been whitewashed. they forget Anthony Wiener, and many other similar cases.

From all indication the Cain someone within the GOP establishment leaked women issues. For Limbaugh, Coulter, other – spokes persons, to try the diversion and blaming the left of using a race as a left-wing conspiracy, is a bad mistake! Should accusation against Cain prove to be true, those on the right who support the men will be the cause of loosing votes, many, many women voices.


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