Gingrich Cane, 2012 GOP’s “Dream Team,” Woodlands’ preview.

6 Nov

The Woodlands Tea-Party “debate” between Herman Cane and Newt Gingrich, was in reality a “love fest” between those two people who will likely be the GOP 2012 Presidential team. The “debate’ revealed nothing new, and was used by the two participants to state how one compliments the another.

Newt Gingrich rehashed many of his statements of the last twenty, or more years. Among other thing, the ex-speaker of the house did make it a point to take credit for the Clinton’s balanced budget. Not denying that Congress has a role in setting the budget, it is the President’s ultimate responsibility. One ahold not take credit when something such as the economy is good, as it was under President Clinton, and then attributing it all the the President when it goes array, such as is the case with President Obama’s budget!

The entire debate by two people whose actions suggest that they have low view of women. Regardless of that fact, and based poles to date, the GOP seems to feel that disregarding their history with women, the two are acceptable as President and Vice President of the United States.

Based on observation of a number of weeks, well before Cane’s and Gingrich’s rise in the poles, I blogged suggesting that a Gingrich Cane ticket will likely represent the GOP in 2012.


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