Assad removal will weaken Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas; enhancing Mid East chances for peace!

6 Nov

Why did the United States support the Libya rebellion, and not the one in Syria? Is it because US foreign policy is impotent, and inept?

Since removing Assad from power in Syria, will create a free democracy, consistent with United States interests. Not only will the removal of Assad will help the populous, it will weaken Iran Mid East influence, will render both Hezbollah, and Hamas impotent while enhancing the chance of Middle East peace!

Libya: A tribal country rich in oil, but richness only applied to the rich! Libyans are primitive people, and if a new democracy emerges, it will be one controlled by Sharia law, without personal liberties…

Syria: A dictatorship under Basshar Assad dictator who rules with no consideration of his citizenry is a country with rich history, and a bright future as a democracy with vast freedoms.

At the risk of sounding cynical, are US interest in Libya has to do with Libya’s vast oil reserves, something Syria lacks?

Syria is the “hub” to Mid East peace, it is a country boasting well-educated population with a rich and important history and it “is burning!” Assad’s for acceptance of Arab League’s arranged cease-fire was designed to give Assad more time to put down the rebellion.

Assad is in Ahmadinejad camp, and as long as it is in Iran’s best interest to have Assad in power, the Syrian dictator will not willingly leave office. Removing Assad will weaken Iran’s influence in the region, while creating a free democratic country. Why the United States standing on the sidelines, while Assad is continues to kill civilians? A successful Syrian revolt may well be the first major step to reduce Iran’s influence in the Middle East, and enhance the likelihood for peace.

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