UN membership for “a Palestine; a mistake of history!

31 Oct


Until now, as an international entity without a face, the “Palestinians” were able to get by when shooting missiles out of their territory into Israel. Not being a recognized entity, Palestinians miss-deeds were more or less ignored by the international community.

But, should “a Palestine” become a member of the United Nations, any action such as missiles into a UN member in good standing, international condemnation, and perhaps more severe retribution will have to follow. Did the Palestinian Authority (PA) think the matter through when it applied for full UN membership?

If there was ever a case of someone “cutting one’s nose to spite one’s face,” it was the Palestinians requesting admission to the United Nations as a full member.

First, there is no single authority to represent all the “Palestinians,” Hamas that controls was duly elected to represent the people of that territory, it is NOT represented by the Palestinian Authority.

Second, Jerusalem should not, and will not be included as part of “a Palestine,” if such state does emerge; Jerusalem is Israel’s capital as it has been thought history, and as it will remain in perpetuity.

Third, there are no Arab “Palestinians,” there was never a sovereign Palestine, and there should not be one now. Those Arabs referred to as Palestinians are Jordanians (living on the West Bank,) and Egyptians (living in Gaza,) those territories, should be annexed to Jordan, and Egypt, in that order.

Why establish another country where there never one before? And where there should not be on now!

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