MSNBC Sensationalism should be curbed!

27 Oct

MSNBC Sensationalism, as displayed by Lawrence O’Donnell, and other comentators, should be curbed!

Lawrence O’Donnell, a third tier television commentator is simply attempting to use Trump fame to feather his own nest. O’Donnell, and MSNBC, the losers in the cable television audience race, are politically inflexible, and often sensational.

I listened to O’Donnell on Tuesday, and Wednesday trashing Donald Trump; all I heard was O’Donnell saying to Trump, engage me, please, I need to boost my, and MSNBC rating. First amendment right notwithstanding, O’Donnell clearly crossed the line of propriety, ranting and raving about Mr. Trumps shortcomings, and using an old MSNBC trick to make derogatory statement about a celebrity and invite said celebrity to appear on their shows, hoping to boost the sagging audiences.

It is time that the FCC enter the picture, and within second amendment boundaries, keep irresponsible and fraudulent personal attacks on innocent people, by television outlets that are trying to boost their audiences.

Since using the nation’s airwaves is a privilege granted by the Government, new rules are in order. First amendment rights preclude people from shouting fire (when the is no fire,) in a crowded theater; it should not allow the likes of television outlets to use people celebrity in order to advance their own causes when it is based on untrue allegations.

Lawrence O’Donnell should be sued by Donald Trump, and be exposed for the fraud that he is, and heavily fined, a fine large enough to make him, and those like him, from using the public airwaves to enrich them even with no consideration of the truth.

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