Could Cain become the 1st African-American President?

26 Oct

Since Barak Obama’s election, I kept wondering why he was referred to as the first African-American President of the United States. At that time the response to my question was mostly anger because I used the term mulatto when referring to Barak Obama, even though he is a mulatto, and that is NOT a derogatory term, to me it simply refers to a person of mixed races!

Should a presidential contest between Obama and Cain develop, the whole race issue will assume a new dimension. To the liberal community, it would represent a positive development! Liberal would simply suggest that race is declining as an issue in the United States.

To the  “red-neck” community, it would suggest that America is declining since it would appear that only two “non-Christian-whites” are qualified to run for President. What a disgrace to white supremists of all kinds?

Even though in the twenty-first Century race should not be an issue in politics, it is. It gained importance and became a more visible and significant  issue in 2008, when Oprah endorsed Obama, and most of the African-American community lined up behind the now President of the United States. How will African-American vote if it is indeed a race between Obama and Cain?

History will tell, but could Cain become the first African American President of the Unites States? As my wife says, whatever happens, Barak Obama led the way for an African-American to become President.


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