Limbaugh, [radical] Islam, and Obama!

25 Oct

Rush Limbaugh continues to remind the world how he predicted that those Islamic nations who overthrow autocratic regimes are likely to return to Islamic fundamentalism, he was right (see:,) except that he is wrong by limiting the predictions to “radical Islam,” even though in reality, do to Quranic teachings, such future applies to all who profess to be Muslims.

Limbaugh is also wrong in suggesting that Obama realized that removing these autocracies would increase Islamic influence in the region. In spite of exposure to Islam during his youth, neither Obama, nor any member of his foreign policy team, has any understanding of either Islam, or Islamic culture, as supported by the Administration overtures towards Iran, in spite of being told that no negotiations would be considered by that Islamic Republic.

Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, to be followed by Yemen, Syria, Bahrain, and Jordan will become Islamic “Republics,” in the near future; the Gulf autocracies will follow reasonably soon.

Limbaugh is right in predicting increasing Islamic influence in the Middle East, but he is wrong in suggesting that Obama encouraged the revolts knowing that they will cause greater Islamic control of the region.


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