Gingrich and Cain, the GOP 2012 ticket; it could win!

25 Oct

Of all the GOP potential candidates, there is doubt that Newt Gingrich is most qualified to run the country. The main problem that Gingrich has, has to do with his personal morality, and the conservative wing of the Republican party. A way to resolve the issue is to select a very conservative running mate, who better than Herman Cain?

Since Cain is clearly not presently “ready for prime-time,” running with Gingrich will give him valuable training, and may well offer the Republicans a winning ticket.

In addition to satisfying the conservatives, Herman Cain on the ticket could will neutralize Obama’s attraction to minorities.

Cain’s humor, such his ad with his campaign manager blowing smoke, is a clear suggestion that Cain realizes that he will not be taken seriously enough by the GOP as its Presidential candidate. Cain also realizes that he can prompt up a GOP ticket and will very likely accept a proposition to become the Vice President candidate.

One Response to “Gingrich and Cain, the GOP 2012 ticket; it could win!”

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