A Bloomberg led 3rd Party: The antidote to US 2012 Political Quagmire?

14 Oct

3rd Party: The antidote to US 2011 Political Quagmire?

When “America’s Mayor” vacated the position, most people felt that New York City would fall into the abyss, to never be recovered again…Emerged Michael Bloomberg, and NYC is thriving; the most visible and complex city in the world benefited after America’s Mayor left, and Michael Bloomberg took over.

One of America’s most successful businessman, Mr. Bloomberg not always improved NYC’s Administration, the Mayor was able to extend his term beyond what previously a position bound by term-limits. An ex-Democrat, turned Republican, but functioning as a centrist, Michael Bloomberg proved to be able to administer complex systems in a bi-partisan manner, something the United States could use now, more than ever.

The 2011 leading to the 2012 election grid-lock in Washington, hard-liners inflexibility, ideologies, and most scary, opportunism, are causing the United States to move in the direction of chaos, while causing many millions of Americans to suffer. One may suggest that unless significant changes are incorporated into the United States democracy, the [historically] young democracy may prove a failure. By human measures the United States experiment in [Jeffersonian] Democracy is very young, and unless some of its major flaws are fixed, it could fail; not a desirable fate.

The status-quo is proven inadequate to take care of the US democracy, some significant antidote is needed. A solution based on the present two-party system is not likely to prove viable, a new approach is needed, a third-party, one with a significant numbers in Congress, and in control of the White-House, may well be what the US requires.

There may be a number of people who are qualified to lead a third-party, but based on past performance, Michael Bloomberg could well be as qualified a person as anyone to do the job.

Please Mr. Bloomberg, with you proven track-record, and your vast fortune that could make you succeed without required public money, or that of others to whom you could become beholden, please form and run a third-party and then become the occupant of America’s White-House!

One Response to “A Bloomberg led 3rd Party: The antidote to US 2012 Political Quagmire?”

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