Herman Cain, a Twenty-first Century “Uncle Tom?”

10 Oct

Just because he made it, Herman Cain suggests that all African-Am­ericans can also “make it,” what a simplistic and narrow point of view.  Notwithstanding the fact that unemployment among African-Americans, especially young people, is much higher than that of whites, Orientals, and even Latinos, Cain’s suggestion that race is not holding African-Americans back, is an insult to anyone who listens to him stating that racial discrimination, especially to African-Americans.

He first suggested that African-Am­ericans are brain-wash­ed to stay away from the GOP; his view when directly iterperted­, says that African-Am­ericans, as a group, and as individual­s, are not inlelligen­t enough to make their own minds!

Cain thinks that if he was to run against President Obama he could get about one-third of the African-Am­erican vote, what an unrealistic view.  From where I sit, Cain versus Obama would net the potential GOP candidate, less than 10%, perhaps as low as 3% to 4%.

Herman Cain is a disgrace to his race, using a somewhat incitive term, Herman Cain is the epitome of an “uncle Tom,” an African-Am­erican who essentiall­y abandons his heritage, and culture, in order to try to live, and act, like a white person in the United States.


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