For 2011 Bloomberg third-party, a natural! Or, Is [the only] two-party democracy failing?

17 Sep

Is the young American experiment in two-part Constitutional, or Jeffersonian Democracy, on the ropes?

The ongoing gridlock in Washington, and the constant bickering between the two parties in Washington makes one wonder if the American democracy with its de facto two parties, workable; is it a viable system?

Serious questions come up when the opposition party sets as its primary goal the defeat of a President, rather than  to do what is best for the country, one must question the viability of the system. Early on in Obama’s Presidency, Rush Limbaugh, the most vocal and respected voice of the Republicans in the United States, announced to the world that he wished for Obama to fail, the tone was set,  defeating Obama became more important to the Republicans than doing what is best for the country, a very untenable situation!

The other option!

When previous third-party candidates made reasonable showing, the way US democracy is designed, such candidates did not get any representation in Congress. Didn’t Ross Perot and his Reform Party , for example, deserve representation in the country’s legislator when they received 18% of the actual votes?  They deserved 18% of Congressional voice, but got none!

A third-party in 2012 should serve as means for breaking the gridlock in Washington, and with good candidates could well fix whatever is presently ailing the United States.

It is my opinion that the likes of Bloomberg, backed up by Romney, could bring about the changes required to fix the US economy, as well as its morale which has been so damaged by Washington bickering!


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