Bloomberg-Romney: “Just what the doctor ordered!” Or, time for a third party.

17 Sep

Barak Obama had proven that, in spite of intellect, speaking ability, and charm, he does not posses the G-d given gifts required for being a United States President.

intellect and the ability to speak in publicly, do not necessarily mean qualification for the “highest office in the land.” Jimmy Carter was a clear demonstration of that fact. Carter. clearly an intelligent person, but one who is tied for the worst President in United States history with George W. Bush, and with Barak Obama.

Romney is the only person who the Republicans may choose to represent them in the Presidential election, but as a member of the GOP Romney will have his hands tied by the likes of the Tea Party, and could not govern in an effective manner, even if elected.

Michael Bloomberg, backed by Mitt Romney on a ticket, brings to the table the skilled required to turn the country around. Bloomberg walked into the mayoral office of New York City where he replaced “America’s mayor,” and improved on the performance of his predecessor…And, prior to New York, Bloomberg demonstrated the capacity to perform in a manner second to none, within the capitalistic system.

With an incompetent Obama, and an extremely weak GOP lineup of candidates, it is time for a major change, such as the election of a competent third-party candidate.

Electing a third-party candidate may also help shore-up the faltering United States test of the viability of constitutional democracy…

A Bloomberg-Romney third-party run could well be “just what the doctor ordered!”

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