Syria versus Libya: Does US determine [global] moral-imperatives?

11 Aug

Does United States determine global moral imperatives?

While dire situations exist in Somalia, Yemen, and, of course,
Syria, the United States chooses to get involved in poorly managed
revolution in Libya, what prompted that judgment?

In all of the above situations, Muslims are on both sides of
conflicts.  Issues are not due to
differences between Sunni and Shia, they have much more to do with social
justice, they deal with autocracies where people rights are generally

Other autocracies are still functioning, some will likely be
toppled soon, some very wealthy ones, may remain in power for as long as their
Monarchs, or whatever the chief of state is called, are willing to share their
wealth with “the people.” Saudi Arabia, and the Arab Emirates are cases in
point, while Jordan, with large and economically suffering Palestinian, can be
expected to share Syria’s fate in the very near future.

To take a very callous view, the United States and its
allies, in the aforementioned cases, only selected the Libyan revolt as one to
support; was it due to the fact that of those mentioned only Libya has oil? As
many ask: Is oil more valuable than [human] blood?

 Is the United States in a position to stand in judgment and
use its might to enforce its view on the global community? Since within its own
territory, the United States has a large number of its indigenous people, the
American Indians, who clearly do not live at as high an economic level, as do
most Americans, how can it be the judge of others with similar problems.

Additionally, since the United States mores are based
Judeo/Christian teaching, how can it be right in a global community with about
1.3 billion Muslim people who believe that United States morality is all wrong?
After all, the basis for US existence is its democracy, a system that supports
the notion that majority rules, and the majority of the global community
does follow Judeo/Christian teaching, to the contrary, in the case of Muslims,
they believe that Jews and Christians are infidels that must be
eliminated, how can the United States attempt to enforce morality that is not
accepted by the majority of people in this world.

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