Lebanon: Obama’s war; Hezbollah’s chalenge!

4 Jul

Notwithstanding the fact that many feel that the Iraqi, Afghanistani, conflicts are Bush’s wars; the United Nations authorized involvement by the United States in Libya, is Obama’s war. Since the conflict in Libya only does not formally involve ‘troupes on the ground’ one can altruasticall refer to it as a conflict, not a war. President Obama is yet to enter the United States into a real war. Hezbollah is on track to change that!

International court findings that Harari was killed by Hezbollah operatives started to cause the acceleration of wheels-of-conflict, already in motion, in motion towards direct challenges by Hezbollah to the Lebanon government, to the United States, and, of course, to Israel. Hezbollah is now on record blaming the Harari court decision on the United States, and the killing of Harari ,on Israel; an open challenge to start an open conflict.

Hezbollah is already on record telling all those found guilty of killing Harari will not be turned over! Not only that, it demands its own justice.

The fact that Lebanon has an elected government does not change the situation on the ground, a situation that allows Hezbollah to be the defacto government of that country. Hezbollah’s power which may now be weakened by the strife in Syria, is still formidable since Iran is the true power behind the power of Hezbollah. With Hezbollah in power, Lebanon’s “democracy” is in danger, as are civil rights of Christians in the country, and as are rights of most Palestinian refugees…

Now, that Hezbollah formally challenged international courts and insists that it will not comply with demands to turn over those found guilty of Harari’s death, one can expect internal insurrection within the country, as well as United States led international involvement, the likely “first Obama’s war!”

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