[US led] Developed Countries behavior: “Political Hypocrisy?”

16 Jun

Western nations, those also those referred to as: Developed countries; come to the aid of developed nations, when such countries seem to meet certain criteria.

Not to dissect the philosophy behind developed nations’ aid, let us simply look at actual facts, and let those facts speak for themselves. Rather than to go very far back in history, recent and visible cases will be used to make the case that: Aid by US led developed countries to developing nations in-need, is very subjective, actually a very “politically hypocritical,” process.

Most recent examples that demonstrate the point include, but are not limited to: Libya (with Western oil interests, but no direct alliances,) versus Syria. Syria has no oil, Syria is tightly allied with Iran (of which the West, especially the Obama Administration of the US, are intimidated,) and an important player in any Middle East peace process, making the United States reluctant to openly confront.

There is Yemen, with a problem which is in large part caused by el Qaeda, causing the Western allies to more-or-less support an unpopular leader who is likely to fall, in spite of Western backing. An unpopular leader, one the public would like to remove from power, seems more acceptable to the West than a government with el Qaeda influence…

Issues in the Sudan, a country with not known natural resources that the West wants, and where Africans are fighting Africans, compared to those in Kosovo (also without natural resources to protect,) but where Caucasians were slaughtered, where the United States stepped in with its mighty air-power to protect “the [white] people.”

The list, of course, goes on.  No one can explain the US, NATO, and UN involvement in Libya, where the opposition is not truly well-defined; while in Syria, the massacre of civilians by an out of control administration goes unchecked. Syria which openly support terrorist, such as Hezbollah and Hamas, is allowed to kill its own people, while the Libyan legitimate government was not allowed to deal with its own internal problems.

Yes, indeed, US led Western “Political hypocrisy,” exists, it thrives under the Obama Administration and brings to question the ethical behavior of those labeled “developed nations…”

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