Never a sovereign [Arab] Palestine…

25 May

Never, throughout history, was there ever a sovereign Palestine, never-the-less a sovereign “Arab Palestine;” why tempt fate, and challenge history, now.

Palestinian Arabs make up the majority of Jordan’s population, the rest, the West Bank inhabitants, should be included in the new Jordan, when the present artificial and illegal “monarchy” is ultimately dissolved in favor of a democratic government, a government that has friendly relations with its neighbor to the west, the democratic Jewish state, Israel. The “Kingdom of Jordan,” was never a legal entity, it was the ill-conceived creation of the British government when it had a League of Nations mandate to control that territory; it is high time for “the monarchy,” to be dissolved.

As to those Arabs living in Gaza, they should be annexed to Egypt, the new democratic Egypt, as it is the natural state of things. Arabs in Lebanon should be simply removed out of refugee camps and integrated into the [Muslim] population.

There is neither a need, justification, or historic reason for a sovereign [Arab] Palestine; why tempt fate and create another problem without a reasonable solution?

An Arab Palestine will not have enough natural resources, or land for agriculture, to properly take care of the economic and survival needs of its people, why add such an additional burden to a region with many other issues on it hand?

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