Mideast peacetalks should depend on viable Arab representation and formal acceptance of Israel viability as a Jewish democracy!

18 May

Since Palestinians have no united, or consistent voice, how, or why, should the Israeli waste time communicating with what in reality is an intangible, or virtual representation of the Palestinians?

Those who now speak for the Palestinians refuse to recognize Israel as the Jewish democracy that it is, and in most cases have charters calling or the destruction of the Jewish state. Israel should discontinue negotiation until those it must negotiate with formally recognize its viability, sovereignty, and right to exist as a Jewish democratic state, a state settled where it now is, but with defensible boundaries, and, of course, with a United Jerusalem as its Capital.

Without getting formal recognition, and dealing with people whose mission is to destroy it, it would simply be fool-hearty for Israel to negotiate with the Palestinians. Israel must also insist that those allied with the Palestinians (such as Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas, etc.,) formally accept its rights as a sovereign state, and remove any calls for its destruction.

Why should Israel re-enter peace talks with those who are on record as wishing to destroy it? Why should it not insist on having those sitting on the other side of the table accept its viability as a Jewish nation, just as they are accepting them as members of Islamic nations?

One Response to “Mideast peacetalks should depend on viable Arab representation and formal acceptance of Israel viability as a Jewish democracy!”

  1. George B May 24, 2011 at 3:44 pm #

    The whole situation is rediculous considering there is no such thing as a Palestinian. During the Bar Kokhba Revolt, the Roman emperor Hadrian renamed the province of Ludaea to Syria-Palestinia. The name is reference the Phillistines, the jews greatest enemy. In his view, there could be no greater insult to the Jewish people than conquering their holiest spot and putting a temple to a Roman god on it. Over time, the name changed to Palestinia and finally Palestine. What’s more, there have been 3 seperate Palestines in history. The area people now refer to is the latest incarnation that stems from the British Mandate of Palestine (1922), after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. 90% of the land was vacant desert, and the only people occupying the land were the Feleheen, Jews, and Christians. Nobody was living in “Palestine”, nor referred to themselves as “Palestinians”. By 1947, there was a significant Jewish presence demanding self determination. However, as they settled into the land many Arabs also migrated to the region to oppose them. Arab-Israeli hatred stems back thousands of years, and the Palestinian plight was created in 1948 to kick the Jews out of “their land.” These Arabs are immigrants from Syria, Iran, Jordan, and the surrounding region. Again, there is no such thing as Palestinians. The so-called peace process will never succeed because it’s a lie perpetrated by those seeking the destruction of Israel and those ignorant of history.

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