Egypt and the demise of sovereign Palestine!

1 Feb

As the result of events that started in Egypt during the late part January 2011, Egypt will become some kind of a democratic Republic, it will annex the Gaza strip.
The artificial “monarchy” of Jordan will also fall and become some kind of a Republic, with its government dominated by “Palestinians;” who are the majority of Jordan’s population even now. The new Jordanian Republic will annex the West Bank (with somewhat modified boundaries to help ensure more secure borders for the region.) There will not be a sovereign Palestine, there never was one…
As time moves on there will be other changes, including another try at something like the failed United Arab Republic (UAR.) The new attempt may be called something like the United Islamic Federation, since Iran will likely wish participate and be the “tail that wags the dog,” or the leader of the “federation.”
A new Federation, if one develops will not include the word Arab in its name, since Iranians are not Arabs.

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