Will Israel deal with Iran’s nukes after US lead talks fail again? (Authorized by: www.zyonism.org)

22 Jan

Long ago Ahmadinejad informed the world in general, and President Obama in particular, that he will not seriously negotiate with the United States as long as it has friendly relations with Israel; he never changed that posture, but Obama seems too dense to hear what is being said!
It appears as if the United States, with tacit support by most [Arab] Middle Eastern states, will allow Israel to do its bidding when dealing with Iran’s threat.
Israel options are many.
Sea: Mubarak already allowed Israel to go through the Suez Canal with its East German made submarines to test the Persian Gulf waters.
Air: The Saudis will allow Israel to use its airspace, Iraq airspace, as long as it is still controlled by the US, is also available for Israel, and Jordan is simply too weak, but also afraid of Iran’s nukes to try and stop Israel.
Ground: A number of options are available. First, the Stuxnet which has already caused havoc with Iran’s nuke problem, and will increase with time. Stuxnet, in time, will also disrupt all of Iran’s Command and Control which will reduce its defense capabilities in a very significant manner. Also, there is quite a significant underground movement within Iran that may well support covert action by those who are trying to eliminate Iran’s nuclear threat.
All eyes are on Iran’s ability to recover from the first Stuxnet salvo, and depending on their progress, it is likely that Israel will take the appropriate steps to rid the world from Iran’s niclear, and other military threats!

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    your good

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