Bachmann versus Palin (Based on Tucson’s aftermath:) Bachnmann – one; Palin – zero!

20 Jan

Congresswoman Bachmann, and ex-Governor Palin are clearly competing for leadership of the GOP, particularly of the Tea Party fraction. Both ladies are extremely attractive and charismatic, but neither seen to posses an overly large amount of cerebral matter, or basic knowledge of the world in which we live.
Bothe Palin and Bachmann are outspoken, neither seems to be too bound by facts or truth, since they are both relatively ruthless politicians.
All that notwithstanding, after the Tucson tragedy, Palin went on the airwaves and continuously made a fool of herself, while Palin was speaking a great deal of nonsense, Bachmann was smart, she kept her mouth shut, in general she kept a low profile.
The opposite postures Bachmann and Palin adopted towards the Tucson event, put Bachmann well ahead of Palin in the race to demonstrate to the general public, and especially to the Republicans, that they posses common sense and can deal with disasters.
In the race towards GOP leadership, the Tucson shooting puts Bachmann well ahead of ex-Governor Palin: Bachmann ONE; Palin ZERO!

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